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Análise fotoelástica da distribuição de tensões induzidas por infra-estruturas implanto-suportadas após soldagem a laser ou retificação de cilindros

Líder : OSVALDO CHIAVONE FILHO MIEMBROS DE LA BANCA : EDSON LUIZ FOLETTO OSVALDO CHIAVONE FILHO HUMBERTO NEVES MAIA DE OLIVEIRA Knowledge: 29-jul-2016 Resumen Espectáculo Due to the large level of compounds current inside the crude oil, one example is, hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide, it's important expertise in the thermodynamic Attributes of those mixtures and also the vapor-liquid equilibrium, as industrial processes for getting their derivatives gasoline, diesel, naphtha, kerosene, among the others, use these properties to ascertain the quantities of warmth and work important to perform these procedures. For fluid, these Homes are frequently evaluated from measurements of the molar volume as a purpose of temperature and strain, giving associations in between force, quantity and temperature (PVT), which may be expressed as point out equations.

Líder : CARLSON PEREIRA DE SOUZA MIEMBROS DE LA BANCA : ANDRE LUIS LOPES MORIYAMA GILSON GARCIA DA SILVA CARLSON PEREIRA DE SOUZA Details: 06-abr-2017 Resumen Espectáculo The try to find higher worth-added supplies, vast applicability and substantial sustainability encourages innovation in all regions of engineering. One of many products currently being made with this kind of needs will be the doped carbides, which can be composed with a mix of  ceramics and metals. This perform proposes the synthesis, characterization, kinetic analysis and of tungsten carbide doped with cobalt (WC-Co) in deal with and rotating mattress reactor. The techniques of material generation was: synthesis from the precursor of washed by stirring in ethanol of a mixture of ammonium paratungstate and cobalt nitrate, drying th/e slurry attained in oven for 18h at eighty °C, the dry powder milling, preliminary characterization by SEM approaches, XRD  and SDS, gasoline-strong response of reduction  at  750, 800 and 850 ° C within an atmosphere of 5% methane and 95% hydrogen in fix mattress and  rotating bed reactor (at  34 rpm agitation) and the ultimate characterization using the aforementioned strategies.

Análise das micro deformações ao redor de três implantes de hexágono externo no posicionamento compensado (offset) sob a influência da fundição de coifas plásticas e usinadas

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Líder : TEREZA NEUMA DE CASTRO DANTAS MIEMBROS DE LA BANCA : MARIA CARLENISE PAIVA DE ALENCAR MOURA AFONSO AVELINO DANTAS NETO TEREZA NEUMA DE CASTRO DANTAS RICARDO HENRIQUE DE LIMA LEITE Info: 04-feb-2015 Resumen Espectáculo Atualmente o mercado exige derivados de petróleo cada vez mais puros e, com isso, surge a necessidade de novos métodos, mais eficientes e economicamente viáveis, para obtenção desses produtos. Considerando a remoção do enxofre do diesel, a maioria das refinarias utiliza o processo de hidrogenação catalítica, a hidrodessulfurização. Esses processos são de elevado conteúdo energético, alto custo de produção, além de baixa eficiência na remoção do enxofre a baixas concentrações (abaixo de five hundred ppm). A adsorção apresenta-se como uma alternativa eficiente e economicamente viável em relação às técnicas atualmente utilizadas. Com isso, o objetivo principal deste trabalho é desenvolver e otimizar a obtenção de novos adsorventes a base de diatomita, modificados com microemulsões com dois tensoativos não ionicos, agregando eficiência ao material visando as suas aplicações na remoção do enxofre presente no diesel.

Avaliação clínica da neutralização do conteúdo séptico/necrótico do canal radicular: técnica imediata X técnica mediata

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crassipes). As raízes foram triadas em laboratório segundo metodologia adaptada de Volkmer-Ribeiro et al. (1984). Os mexilhões foram fixados here e conservados em álcool 70%. As raízes foram secas em estufa e posteriormente pesadas, seguindo-se a quantificação dos indivíduos por grama de raiz.

Summary: the sample revealed a high percentage of malocclusions of varying degrees, achieving about eighty% of adolescents who need to have orthodontic cure, which reinforces awareness to this pathology by institutional plans of oral wellbeing.

Limnoperna fortunei encreased in number to some most density of 27,275 persons/m2 one year and 5 months immediately after the initial sign-up and 62,one hundred men and women/m2 two years later. In November 2000, i.e., two a long time following the appearance of your species in Guaíba Lake, it absolutely was recorded the very first macrofouling inside the pipes catching water for the city of Porto Alegre As well as in filters and pipelines from the cellulose market Riocell-Klabin, Municipality of Guaíba (30º06'S, 51ºtwenty'W). Limnoperna fortunei preferentially manifest on rhizomes of rushes, initially forming flat clusters that improve to significant mass. In addition, it resolve around the shells and comfortable areas of native bivalves and on shells and operculum of gastropods, prevening complete closure of such mollusks. The recent minimize of rushy parts to the shores of Guaíba Lake is attributed to invasion of L. fortunei.

Dr. Jenna Wilson is is devoted to giving her sufferers with one of the most stunning smile together with the most effective dental security obtainable at present.

The outcome attained in the abrasion don resistance checks from the artificial teeth are proven in Figure 4.

Líder : OSVALDO CHIAVONE FILHO MIEMBROS DE LA BANCA : ITALLA MEDEIROS BEZERRA OSVALDO CHIAVONE FILHO CAMILA GAMBINI PEREIRA Facts: 20-feb-2018 Resumen Espectáculo The oil field is consistently struggling with problems connected to the exploitation of pure gas. Throughout its output, fouling can be formed as, such as, gasoline hydrates, when the made h2o is stuffed with dissolved salts, Consequently blocking a passage of your fluid from the pipeline and likewise leading to a corrosion of your creation tubes. This happens with changes during the temperature and strain of your circulating fluid. Like a technique for fixing this issue, chemical substances are additional into the drilling fluid. Monoethylene glycol (MEG) is made up of a hydrate inhibitor commonly applied due to the fact it doesn't hurt the surroundings, delivers a reduced functioning Price given that it could be regenerated and chemically appropriate with the constituents with the manufacturing fluid. To be able to research curiosity problems for MEG regeneration course of action, strategies and experimental equipment were being developed to promote data whose inhibitor effect together with sodium chloride result, temperature, CO2 partial strain and pH in aqueous mixtures that contains carbonate salts, including, calcium, strontium and iron, in extra, had been described.

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